Remittance Management Product Sheet

Our staff takes pride in finding new opportunities for electronic payment posting, and we have a process in place to make sure they’re finding the best possible payment posting options for you and your payer mix.


Meaningful Payment Management Solutions

The value of electronic remittance advice (835) processing is obvious. You can process hundreds or thousands of transactions automatically in the amount of time it would take a user to post a single payment detail in your A/R system. Healthcare IP supports all your current ERA payers, and continuously identifies new payer opportunities. We provide intuitive and robust reporting around 835 processing and offer real-time dashboards that can be customized to meet your reporting requirements, enterprise-wide.  

  • Access to 835s for all of your current ERA payers
  • H.IP evaluates claim data to determine additional ERA opportunities
  • Custom 835 file splitting with no additional fees
  • Manage ERA files by receipt or deposit date in H.IP
  • Create and run customized queries on historical remittance data
  • Customizable ISA and data element separators
  • Make ERA files available immediately for management in your A/R system