PaperLync Product Sheet

Imagine removing the tedious, time-consuming tasks associated with appeals, claims attachments and additional documentation requests.


Don’t allow manual, paper-based processes to be the weak link in your revenue cycle.

Comprised of Appeals, Claim Attachments and Auto ADR modules, PaperLync® is an intelligent solution directly addressing paper-based pain-points every provider experiences. A transit system for medical records and claim notes, PaperLync serves as a hub for documentation previously sent via fax or mail. Once uploaded, H.IP disseminates it securely to payers and other receiving entities. Eliminating these onerous, labor-intensive tasks, PaperLync frees FTEs, minimizes human error and creates savings in both time and hard paper costs. 


Auto-populate timely, accurate claims and remittance data to your electronic appeals

The appeals process may be the most archaic in the modern healthcare revenue cycle. Printing, faxing, mailing, waiting and more waiting. It’s so last century. PaperLync Appeals module is a significant leap forward. Generating electronic versions of insurance/payer appeal forms, Appeals auto-populates current data claims and remittance data to them, as well as automating their transmission. The savings are transformative, as evidenced by Charlottesville, Virginia-based University of Virginia Physicians Group documenting an $8,500 monthly savings in hard paper costs alone.

  • Auto-fill custom letters and payer-issued forms with accurate information
  • Eliminates manual processes and human error for greater workflow efficiencies
  • Integrates with SCALE Denial Management to fully automate appeal workflow
  • Reduces paper expense and refocuses FTE priority
  • Customizable to client needs and user preference
  • Reporting available to monitor employee and financial productivity

Claim Attachments

Match and attach required documentation to claims easily and electronically.

There’s no denying it. Commercial and governmental payers are requiring more documentation to substantiate your claims, and not just for workers’ comp or auto/medical claims that have always required more. Operation notes, scans and more are now needed to be paid fully on a timely basis. PaperLync Claim Attachments makes the attachment of electronic documentation simple and a natural part of your workflow. However, if payer limitations don’t allow for electronic submission, H.IP will handle the processing via fax or mail for you.

  • Claims sent electronically, regardless of document file type
  • Automates distribution of claim attachments (medical records, surgical notes, x-ray, etc.)
  • Transfer managed based on payer capabilities (275, fax, mail, web, etc.)
  • Integrates with EHR workflow using H.IP claim status engine to identify requests for documentation
  • Eliminates FTE time spent printing and faxing or mailing documents
  • Reduces expense and A/R days

Auto ADR

Turn additional documentation requests in an automated after-thought.

Intelligent automation applied to a particularly painstaking job, like answering a request for additional documentation, can have a dramatic impact on A/R days. PaperLync Auto ADR module employs alerts and triggers to proactively identify these requests, locate the requested documents and submit them electronically. What’s more, all this is done without human interaction. OU Physicians, the state’s largest physician group, saw a three- to five-day reduction in ADR response time after implementing PaperLync Auto ADR.

  • Automates response to Additional Document Requests (ADR)
  • Proactively addresses ADR within 24 hrs. of claim submission
  • Eliminates time spent by FTEs printing and faxing or mailing documents 
  • Reduces expense and A/R days