Contract Management Product Sheet

Come to terms with erroneous underpayments and boost net patient revenue in the process. SCALE® Contract Management lets you retain your current claims management workflow, while helping ensure 100% collectability for government and managed care payers.

Assess, measure and capture all of the revenue you are due based on detailed comparative contract analysis.

Contract management and analysis is a must in today’s healthcare environment. Net patient revenue can be increased by simply identifying and documenting underpayments made in error. SCALE® Contract Management compares contract specifics to create payment variance reports and auto-calculate short payments without interrupting your claims management workflow. Contract modeling functionality also gives you an upper hand in upcoming contract negotiations, including modeling based on your historical claim data.

  • Identify and overturn underpayments
  • Take advantage of automated workflow and recovery tools
  • Enable net revenue claim forecasting
  • Spot trends based on variances in past and current claim data
  • Improve payer contract negotiations with informative analytics
  • Integrate with SCALE® PaperLync® to streamline appeals